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Our popular Let’s Talk Bookselling podcast series is back! This season is produced in partnership with the International Publisher’s Association (IPA) and focuses exclusively on environmental sustainability in the book sector.

From applying the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the book sector, to debunking myths about printed and digital books, book returns and much more - this season aims to provide key insights from multiple perspectives into the work on sustainability currently being carried out by the book sector. It also aims to inspire book sector professionals to continue the sector’s sustainability journey. Each episode will be supported by additional informative material on the specific topics.

Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode and watch this space to access all the supporting material!


For the first episode, Rachel Martin, Global Sustainability Director at Elsevier, sits down with Sherri Aldis, Director of the United Nations Region Information Centre for Western Europe, to discuss the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how the publishing and bookselling sectors can contribute to reaching their ambitious targets by 2030.

Supporting materials:


In this episode, EIBF’s Policy Advisor, Daniel Martín Brennan speaks with Fanny Valembois, consultant researcher specialised in the decarbonisation of cultural businesses and Jelle Joustra, Assistant Professor at Delft’s University of Technology, specialising in circular products. Diving into a discussion on printed and digital books, this episode will pick apart misconceptions and myths about the sustainability of the different formats, aiming to present you with nuanced insights into this multifaceted topic. 

Supporting materials:

Jelle Joustra – TU HelpDesk Climate Desk article: “What is better for the environment: a paper book or an e-book?”

"Environmental impact assessment of the digitalization of cultural services"
ADEME - The French Agency for Ecological Transition 

"No environmental benefit with e-books"
KTH Royal Institute of Technology


In this week’s episode of our Sustainability Series, Elsevier’s Global Sustainability Director, Rachel Martin, and Dustin Benton, Policy Director at Green Alliance, will have a conversation about climate change, the COP (and more specifically last year’s COP 28), what the COP does to address climate change and how the book sector can get involved. Let’s hear what they have to say!

Supporting materials:

UN Climate Change Conference - COP 28 - Reports and decisions



The fourth episode of this series is all about book returns, specifically about the environmental impact of this important practice between bookshops and publishers. To discuss this, EIBF’s Policy Officer, Tora Åsling, spoke to Anna Porubcová, the Environmental Sustainability Project Manager at Martinus, Slovakia’s largest book chain. 

Supporting materials:



For the season’s finale we dive into the recently published RISE study on the sustainability of the bookselling sector. EIBF’s Policy Advisor, Daniel Martín Brennan, speaks with the researchers behind the study, Fanny Valembois and David Piovesan, exploring this unique resource, which is the first of its kind collating best practices on green bookselling from around the globe. 

Supporting materials:



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